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Meglio Resistance Bands Latex Free for Mobility Strength & Rehab Premium Quality 1.2 Metre Length – Exercise Guides Included

Meglio Resistance Bands Latex Free for Mobility Strength & Rehab Premium Quality 1.2 Metre Length - Exercise Guides IncludedDescription

Latex Free Meglio Resistance Bands – The latex free resistance bands with the proven performance, variability, and quality latex free material to help you achieve your fitness, physiotherapy and rehabilitation goals. – Meglio resistance bands are also available in different resistances / colours – Yellow (Extra Light) Red (Light), Green (Medium) Blue (Heavy), Black (Extra Heavy) – sold sepa


  • PREMIUM LATEX FREE RESISTANCE BANDS – Meglio resistance exercise bands is the chosen product for NHS hospital Physiotherapy Departments every year for physiotherapy practices across the United Kingdom. Meglio Resistance bands are recommended by medical recommended by medical professionals to support your rehabilitations and your fitness goals.
  • MEGLIO RESISTANCE BANDS ARE LATEX FREE – Meglio resistance bands are made out of TPE material which means the resistance band are latex free therefore they are odourless and will not leave a smell on your clothes. Many competitors resistance bands are made of latex which gives an odour and have powder on their resistance bands but Meglio resistance made out TPE material which gives out no odour or powder.
  • ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS AT THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME! – Having a Meglio Resistance Band is a great alternative to paying for a gym membership. With the five different resistance strength bands (Extra light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy) whether you need a resistance band for rehabilitation or strength training Meglio have a resistance band for you!
  • MAKE REHABILITATION & FITNESS TRAINING EASIER – Meglio resistance bands are a great way to spice up your training whether you need to recover or increase the strength in a muscle. Meglio resistance bands offer many different routines which will target shoulders, back, hamstrings and thighs.
  • FREE EXERCISE GUIDE – All of Meglio resistance bands come with a free exercise guide inside the resistance band leaflet. Meglio want to offer you as much support with your rehabilitation and strength goals and the exercise guides offer a range of upper body and lower body targeted exercises.

Details & Price

This product is available from Meglio.

Brand: Meglio
UPC: 799695463725
List Price: £2.99.
New Price: £2.99 Only 1 left
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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    Arrived very quickly – good customer service. Comes packed neatly in an A5 envelope, so will easily be delivered through a letterbox.
    The product comes with some training tips; easy to follow with pictures showing how the stretchaband can be applied. There is also a free video exercise guide (link to YouTube). The band can be slipped into a pocket, so I can easily take it to work to exercise at my desk, or take to sports events to warm up/down.
    I purchased a yellow (extra-light) band, but I found that for several exercises the band was long enough to be doubled or tripled up, to give more resistance.
    I haven’t seen any signs of damage to the band (or me!) yet.
    This tape can be great for a restrained life in the bedroom. It could be marketed in shades of grey.
    Really can’t find anything to fault with it, and at the current price it is well worth buying a few spares.

  2. M. Sparrow
    M. Sparrow says:

    excellent works well for the elderly . arrived on time no problems . exercises easy to do take care not to ocer do them

    have now been using this product and am feeling better for the exercise . When you get to 86 moving can become more an effort, but it is worth the effort and i am feeling so much more alive .

  3. Michèle Findlay
    Michèle Findlay says:

    It’s ok for low level resistence and maybe if you are just using it for sitting exercises, but it is not OK for Pilates. It only lasted a month before developing small tears which later turned into big tears.
    However the retailers are very accommodating and are sending me a replacement band suitable for Pilates.

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